Warnings we fail to heed

Before anything catastrophic or patriotic comes to Nigeria, it would have been experienced by one country or several of countries. A few of these accounts were the transfer of tsunami events before it came to the turn of the overflowing of the River Benue Bank- An awareness made by NIMET of which the leaders assigned paid a deaf ear to till it eventually happened.
Again was the series of plane crash that happened across the world before it happened in Obasanjo’s era.

Now it’s the turn multiple attacks and acts of terrorism made by Islamic sects across the world, that we fail to see the signs and prevent it before it now it’s a subject of dividing the country or untold strategies of war- Religious or Civil. Irrespective of how it started or why, tensions from the dominant religions- Islam and Christianity- has been heightened for political and cultural aims.

But here we are as a nation refusing to wield control over these turbulent and perplexing situations. Instead we exchange rancor and share bigoted plans and actions over one another with or without these challenging strikes bedeviling us. When shall we as a nation conquer as one rather than with the one. Countries take turns to roll out from the fears of division no matter how it comes with some laid procedures of objective and subjective strategies. Which have we adopted or provided for use? Rather we fold our hands and do nothing to give a lift and arise to arrest these ugly trends of danger.

Yet again it will be unfair to speculate that there’s little or nothing done to whisk away these troubles as fewer hands die by the day to rescue and salvage us out of these problems whether on personal or collectively. Their effort fail to receive the proper award bestowed on them. For it seems their strength of patriotism cannot match the giant strides of innumerable acts of evils apart from the ones rocking us. Their action that’ve made the balance of democracy or system of government to be lauded cannot fight off the dangers of its opposite that tags along with it. Needless to say, I celebrate such people whether they meet this accolade of gratitude in their time or not, for I’m an adherent of patriotic actions be it done in gestures, actions or prayers.

For our country, this fatherland and nation of mine, will live to tell the strife of challenges such as this and more if we can bond through unity and patriotism. And from there, wield to conquer such with an ever balanced actions of goodwill and tolerance used as healing methods. Then leaders will once again find their bearing to spell out riot acts again dangers and ills such as this as we become the epitome of what a sovereign nation could be to nations who are grappling with theirs or nations that are yet to perceive it. The world has tired to replicate what the U.S is doing,for they seem to be in control, and hasn’t succeeded. A country like ours can stand to be the learning and advanced set of people that should pride herself with never ending fame of developed choice apart from them.

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