Confronting the Bull

Life is embedded with risks no matter how small or big, good or bad. It just comes.
What differentiates us is how we overcome them or succumb to them.
Yet it builds one to a healthy well-being of a unique result found in a person.
If overcome by such challenge, personalities of great but numerous outcomes is formed,
If succumbed to it, a sense of shock and esteem is thrown in a pensive recollection.

Thus risks can be described across these terms: Determination, Suffering, Temptation, Challenge.
Whichever fits the individual, potentials of varied repute is endeared and seeks awareness for dialogue.
Still, strange is it for one to dodge the test of risks, for such may have an empty history to tell;
Either such is highly pessimistic or one to is yet to begin an episode of such.
Still funnier is the number of outcomes or how many times one is to face risks,for it is no respecter of variables.

To be skewed with such is the best epitome of confronting the bull. Such are the obstacles, people and ideas that may be attached with some variances of choice that is best left for the one who is befallen by them. The more it comes to visit, the more it leaves a part of a person who is ready to face more or who is ready to dodge them. The only way is to have some faith and confront them for it may be a mirage to your path or a mountain eaitnig to be pulled down.

Getting to Change

If there’s anything you can’t determine or manipulate is Change. It makes or brings out the best or the unseen of a person. Either way, It’s what defines or elevates your inner traits and outer physical attribute.

Revelation of Vanity

Yesterday was History as Today’s a Mystery. Yet Tomorrow will be a Prophecy as such is the Discovery. Still in all of these, either is a norm for each and against them all but all describes the nature of Life, that ends in peace or misery.

A Publication of Onyeador Anthony for Uniquely Mustered

Respect according to African Wisdom

Respect in an average African man’s language is: “I’m older than you, with more but better experiences than you and should be in the position to decide sometimes for you.” . If this is not learned as one of the basics in the child’s upbringing, then such a child is not real.

A Publication of Onyeador Anthony for Uniquely Mustered

Investing Virtues

Any exaggerated intention or form to good things, deeds of Christianity is evil and would yield an evil output- Unknown

A Publication of Onyeador Anthony for Uniquely Mustered

A Publication of Onyeador Anthony for Uniquely Mustered

Faith Structured Life

A healthy balanced faith is such that it defines the individual in prayer, accesses the virtues of the divine through the accomplishment of works. With the instance of prayer and works, the individual sets the pace of building attitudinal and behavioural principles that measures the degree of good or/and evil in him or her.

Making your Quote

The story of your life mixed with the successful and failures of

    lifestyle, principles and philosophy


    encounters, experiences and personality

defines the degree of healthy or unhealthy build of Quotes you build

Determination’s Anthem

I will never see myself broken.
Or try to make my life sullen.
With my strength to strike every fight that gives off the might of a bunteous harvest.
Will arise the spoils for the next challenge.
Never will I ever try to fail again
To fail to try without gain.

For deep within are the many but unknown intentions
That strives to bring its rewards and retention
Though time can’t cost to pay all that was lost
Its pains and toils gone to failures of good plans
So will praise when I arrive with hard groans
The completion of Priorities and Principles borne.

The Army

Its quite Saddening that an army Nations dared and respected is left crumbling with lots of betrayals and Politics. Though they can’t reveal the course of their action, it would nevertheless take them a lot of energy and reform to save their image again.