Celebrating Citizenship Patriots

One has never brought to the fore why heroes and heroine are quietly slipped by. Except when they have done a successful feat or are turned a new age , or returns mother earth that such profile would become public. After this, what next?

The fact that some heroes such as Alhaji Ado Bayero, Emir of Kano and Mrs Dora Akunyili, former D.G NAFDAC and Information Minister have ceased to breathe doesn’t grant the reason that after condolences and burial their stories will be gone with the wind. Such people need to be immortalised. But these great exemplary figures of the pas t as well present , dead or alive, where are they and why aren’t we Citizens of our time emulating their lives and principles? Why aren’t they the history that should be recorded in the museums of our Country? Why aren’t their generation as well as Government portray them as fabrics of every average Nigerian citizen?

Yet again to those whose lives have been cut short, why is the end of their story cut short by a never-ending police reports and series of unidentified killers or appalling reports suddenly swept under the carpet? Is it because they’re dead and gone equal the matter born but wrong? To those alive, they too have to think this coming. Who and why are the forces of evil prevailing and getting the upper hand of them than the successes they strive to defend? What seems to be the factor that always capture the unapproved qualities in them in their sojourn of the various fields they’re in: be it Academic, Political and their like? Why is it difficult to proclaim the achievements of good deeds of the people come across irrespective of tribe, language and States. For we are 37 states with the population of 160 million plus alive or dead, at least a person is good enough to extol another person’s patriotic deeds as well as terrorist capabilities across 365 or 366 days for a Country such as ours to forge on.

Finally, what are we living citizens doing to become a Country of envy. For it isn’t good to fold our arms while we have the machinery and weaponry to build a nation weaved with multi-dynamic features, tools and beings of Patriotism. The day one begins to be the agent of change to his environment will thus be the seed that will germinate across people who propagate civil discipline and morals, a vision they may undergo and achieve in days, decades, generations and. Century to come. But what one prays to ponder are: Can I be the one that would see to fruition the leadership and citizenry qualities, a fight of national unity just to be a Hero/heroine? Who are against me this journey of Patriotism and who is/are out there I can join forces and strength with to win this? How can I be a role model of an average Nigerian Citizen to live and be emulated by others.?

It goes on and on and on, Questions that may be answer only if we can be the Change this Country deserves irrespective of our weaknesses, failures , defeats and challenges, we shall move on and strive to be called the Nigerians who celebrate and promote Citizen turned Patriots.

Standing Out.

Different ideologies mixed with random emotions
Is the discuss of fate, polity and opinions
None to agree or disagree in context
As its twist and complexities extends
How I wish one can withstand its violent rush
The safe arrival one’s broad perspective of such.

For its boos, fights and sentiments drop
The result of those who support ye gushed
Should he yield or forges on when found odd
Worldly power clashed with only a mere person
Never came an applause or sounds of Praise
As the winner wins with various winning streaks.

For one came alone and thus would always be
Though born in a family as it becomes a public grown
With lots of similarities and differences borne
Is left to build in little or plenty
Yet the personality is finally born
For family and public to hear or share.

This it is for a sole being
Who will let his being to sow or reap
With Family and Public who learns or leaves
Against the being across a few or many
Can be the attitude, habits and disposition forms
Through his lows or highs.

Seeds of actions to behold
Is the being formed as foretold
As described with one and thus become many
Is such the fruit of their plenitude
Across the view overt or covert
Is the struggle turned battle of who’s first!


This is what it means to Stand Out!



Oh what shatters my heart like one throwing a dagger from afar
Are the words so heavy stomping the ground in thunders
That which sours thought and angers mood
No matter how good one seems to sway
In split seconds the actions weighed
As all is loosed in Hell’s Way.

The words deep as a stray bullet
Wounding the heart, corrupting the brain,
Seeking to revenge without gathering facts
Those words glaring the conscience without peering through thinking
The battle to retort, give back and dash back is ever in mind
To repair the betrayed emotion, the wounded ego and its personal pride.

“Eh hen, na so e dey take behave, e no sabi anything?”;
‘Yes, he should be removed, shameless man of no reputation’;
Even if I go dey there I no fit try am, see simple test wey hin fail;
These are words that go unnoticed but screams with a mediocre cry
Are the daily actions, expressions and thoughts of every Nigerian Man and Woman.


Most times one never seem to check the way words are being addressed to. In discussions, dialogue, training and correcting one, a sentimental approach is used and it is so clear no matter how swift or raw its impact maybe. This has gradually become a norm in the psyche of any average Nigerian within any extent you may want to take it to: be it across Academicians, Social status, Backgrounds, Religion, Culture and any categorized factor.

Sentimentality in a simple term is originally indicated the reliance on feelings as a guide to truth, but current usage defines it as an appeal to shallow, uncomplicated emotions at the expense of reason. This is from Wikipedia. Going by this one may become indifferent. But from, Sentimentality is if he or she is led more by emotions than by reason. It is obvious people across different backgrounds as long as they have life can be sentimental but the argument is: To what extent or degree. When compared to the other race, nationality and philosophy of the person, there seems to be some similarities and/or differences that necessitates change of the individual in check. Thus departing from the broader scope of person, the intention is to measure the sentimentality amongst Nigerians.

In Nigeria Today, it is almost inadmissible to remove sentimentality, as each one is engaged on how their “Feelings” to this article is rated on it, in the average minds, speeches, actions and behavior of man. It is to some extent forming the psyche of the person owing to certain factors which shall be discovered and explained. To those who happened to defeat being sentimental, they become Sentimental by Criticism. This is to say such a person cannot let a matter or opinion go without criticizing it. Thus whatever is expressed is either with feelings or reasoning Sentimental Free or Criticism Free(that is if this has not been rated already) and there is no need highlighting examples for you and I have loads of encounters and experiences.

Sentimental dispositions affecting the Nigerian Man or Woman today span from and could be any or more of the following:
Psychological make-up.
Beliefs(as categorized to be faith, Religion, etc.)
Academic Factor(comprising of Disciplines, Scholarly status, etc.)
Peer Influence.
Nature of Environment.
Politics(as categorized as the Polity, Government and its like)

Status: This can be classified into the source of wealth, affluence, power and control the person have deemed in his or her person. It could spread across the rich, middle-class and poor. Most times such is obvious in the way the discussion is ensued or expressed from the person to another. Thus the first of the noticeable discovery of sentimentality is through this factor before it cuts across other factors below.

Culture: This cuts across the majority and minority tribes as it dissolves down to the most difficult or easily spoken kinds, Strange and funny ones; Nearest and furthest; most stereotypic and less stereotypic kinds(all culture has a tone of stereotype, be it Nigerian or Abroad); the kinds that supports freedom to that which restricts; the most biased or less biased(if any); the most practicable and less practicable kinds, …. the list goes on and on.

Psychological Make-Up: This spans across a broad and wide list of checklist that detects the ego, self-worth or self-esteem, mode of carriage, attitude, etc. To the methods one uses in developing which comprises the Processes and techniques one sets up in the formation: be it academic, philosophic, cognitive, spiritual, social emotional, etc. To the way such persons sees and relates what is outside his/her person. This factor is the simple but easily neglected item one truly considers before setting the other factors aright.

Beliefs: The consideration of Nature and Understanding between the self,God and the other person, the kind or place of worship, the interaction that may lead to lack of idea or superfluous information to the religion, the degree of the nature of worship on the person, the degree of faith in the person, the level of What to learn and What to Drop across the other factors that would lead to Sentimentality. Ironically, most Nigerians tend to defend beliefs which could be interests, opinions, ideas, propaganda as well as make it the first amongst equal to relate with. This is to mean that this stands to equate the status of Wealth of the person from his or her mien. This is so wrong for the understanding of the person should be prominent and be used as tool to associate rather than Beliefs. Moreover, Such prominent attention should be the Family and Psychological Make-up of the person.

Academic Factor: This states the School or the level of scholarly experience gained: be it Professor Emeritus, Professor, Associate Professor, Doctor(Ph.D.), Masters, Bachelors, Polytechnic Awards, First Class, Second Class Upper /Lower, Third Class, Pass, Secondary School Leaving Certificate( otherwise known as Waec or Neco, or Junior Waec), Primary School Leaving Certificate, Drop out, Illiterates, etc. Either of this is used to make or mar the Person. It thus goes on to show the degree of the Awards gotten either across one, several and Multi-related Disciplines. Other Awards gotten are from Projects, Reports and Seminars etc. Thus it is interesting to note that the level of Academic wield of a person varies and may be more or less significant across Literates and/or Illiterates divides .

Peer Influence: This is the level of interaction one has with his age groups and other age groups irrespective of the person and the factor considered. It also detects the level of control on or over the person.

Family: Another Complex, Prominent if not the most Important and also a factor that is ignorantly observed in the terms of a proper development of the person as in terms of Sentimentality. This is the nucleus of which the highlighted factors are gravely seasoned to produce a properly developed, or mediocrity shaped or poorly and carefree turnout of the person. It cuts across all sizes, manners, degree of sentimental and non-sentimental state in the formation of the person towards his or her parents and siblings before displaying such to the extended family. Thus if properly formed, the person ought to see the strengths and weaknesses of its person across the family divides and spoils.

Media: This describes the output of the Print(Magazines, Newspapers, Books, etc.), Audio, Visual and Telecommunication(Use of Phones, Fax, Technology) source of information. It does not to the lowest export of detail the opinion of one but the totality of all.  Thus it detects one’s ideas expressed as all as it splits to the number of persons co-joined, and that of the Media(one or whole)Reaction(s).

Nature of Environment: This expresses the explosion of all factors and its struggle to select its unifying as well as dividing force in the formation of the self and Sentimentality.

Politics: This describes the affairs of the territory or the Government in the psyche and development of the self. It thus expresses the influence as to the Successes, Pitfalls and Challenges of the Polity of the Government and how it affects the Nature of Environment and the person towards Sentimentality. This is to say as Government, makes up the different classes and factors of people, it is affected by sentimentality as to the Person itself no matter if such single or plural in person. Government here describes the Political Party, the kind and type of Government it runs( be it Democracy, Oligarchy, Fascism, Communism, etc.) The Number of Party it has, the arms of Government: Legislative(and subcategorized to its likes), Executive(and subcategorized to its likes), Judiciary(and subcategorized to its likes).
Thus the emphasis by which Sentimentality takes effect is the Government and the Person.


In all of these, one can use the above measures to know where he or she stands. True, it could be low or high (either from the rate one perceives in undergoing this or the rate of the article itself) but what is known is no matter the “what”, the “who”, “how”, or the “where”, one can gain a healthy sentimental ground if such renews the change in the person itself and the change in the factors underscored consistently and simultaneously.


The Last Luck that Broke The Fortune’s Back

There was this boy praying to be adopted someday. He was the oldest in the Orphanage but was the most talented of them all. He was the teacher to the kid that came to the orphanage and saw each and everyone through the home with the ethics they are to learn and the subjects that were taught in schools. He taught so passionately and with pride that each parent who adopts the child he taught either lavish the owner of the Orphanage with Gifts or allows the child to spend time in the Orphanage whenever the holidays came.

Now the Owner of the Orphanage Died leaving her husband and a Child. The boy was nineteen when the owner died. So the Husband with the new parents of the children that were adopted decided to give out the Orphanage to another caretaker if the responsibility of taking care of the child she left behind would be a bane to the grieving husband. . Unfortunately, the child the former owner bore died. She was barely three years old. With struggles living with the new owner for four years, they-the new owner himself, the Parents of the adopted children – agreed this only boy left be transferred to another Orphanage which happened to be manned by the new wife the former owner, a shock gripping the boy who was so loyal to the man that can’t do without him.

Twenty Years had passed without an issue from his new wife who was a bundle of disgrace and disappointment to him. He at various times feared death because of her. Also, the Parents of the Adopted Children had all passed on and allowed history repeat itself with these children now married and nursing their own kids. All of them paid a surprise visit to their former Orphanage home only to express their disbelief and shock of what the new wife is treating him. He was the reason behind the new wife’s Divorce. But the Orphanage had now new set of children but poorly underdeveloped at that. And so they began restructuring the Orphanage home as each family took turns to take care of the man and cater well for him. Through this, the widower then made plans to reinstate the boy to found an orphanage with the Children of his mates as well as the children who opted to be transferred from the new wife’s Orphanage. He felt glad beyond words for he has formed a strong bond between the Orphanages he’s been in

Now the boy now almost in his early forties found life unbearable for him. He was stripped of his teaching profession for a more dirtier job- To be a Steward, Driver and Laundry Man which was what the new wife caused. The formalities to return him to the house of his former owner was successful. He frequents the house and the two orphanages comfortably. . On this good weekend he picked the call from an unknown number. This was one of his closest child he trained from the new wife’s orphanage who happened to be in touch until she got married and promised she return with her family and with a big Surprise.
When she arrived, there were lots of tears, hugs. kisses and tales of each and every kid he taught. His turn reached and narrated all his experiences and encounters there. Like what was taught to be an end only became a beginning to his travails for her eldest daughter who was now nineteen narrated how she met this strange fellow that happened to be the only surviving sister to the late owner as she presented a parcel. Then came screaming and howling was later quelled, and all attention was on the parcel, with lots of inquiry and confirmations that the parcel was meant for him. This forty year old man felt it was faith as he couldn’t link how a lady gave a parcel to another unknown teen. . Without rushing into the inquiry and all, the Widower opened it and allowed the boy to read it.

This is what the letter entailed:
“To my new found Son and wish-to-be adopted child
Jim,You will be surprised why I am writing to you and not to Larry my Husband.
This is because Larry won’t understand if you are not put in the picture. I have noticed your persistence in getting adopted and how you feel about it.
I understand why you aren’t pushing it as much as the rest. At least you have Larry to cater for your needs even though he may not be as inquisitive as I am.
There are lots of things I want to tell you, starting from why I want your name to be called Jim. But there is no time now for I have Cancer and would soon leave you.
Nevertheless, I have attached the following documents for you to head as MY SON I wish I had. Please Guard it jealously for this is how my spirit will live on and as it is my will as well.

‘My Diary(all about myself; My Marriage to Larry; The Orphanage; My Last Lonely Path to the Path of Death).
My Will
And Your Hopeful Future of which I intend you to tread on.’

Take Care Jim, I will always be watching you,
Your Mother-In Spirit,

Jim and the Children especially Larry was mute for virtually for an Hour before they shed tears and gave each other dozens of Hug. It seemed this boy has fulfilled in the letter the Intentions of their Founder.