Gentle as I slip into my rein
Different Shouts of Howls and Hail,
Distort the reflects I beheld
Only to be Whisked back to the place of the Estranged Crowd.

As it happened in Split of Time,
The Covering of the Earth Scattered around
The Quake of the Mountains chanting in Rhymes,
The Fall of Buildings, the Bridges twisting in loud Sounds;

Now I see why I fail to ponder
The Reflects I chose in time to wonder,
As I see the wails of them made me Shudder
Why the Earth should bid its Final Goodbye.

Or So I see in the Movies I marveled,
The Groans of those entrapped in these Mess,
For the Sea too that was so deep is now Dried up
And all within it wrestle to survive.

So it is for those I see,
For I knew neither to Say or Pray with them,
‘Be Calm, All is Well’ or ‘Lord, Your Kingdom Come’.
Would they join with the Animals as they Cry to their Maker.