Standing Out.

Different ideologies mixed with random emotions
Is the discuss of fate, polity and opinions
None to agree or disagree in context
As its twist and complexities extends
How I wish one can withstand its violent rush
The safe arrival one’s broad perspective of such.

For its boos, fights and sentiments drop
The result of those who support ye gushed
Should he yield or forges on when found odd
Worldly power clashed with only a mere person
Never came an applause or sounds of Praise
As the winner wins with various winning streaks.

For one came alone and thus would always be
Though born in a family as it becomes a public grown
With lots of similarities and differences borne
Is left to build in little or plenty
Yet the personality is finally born
For family and public to hear or share.

This it is for a sole being
Who will let his being to sow or reap
With Family and Public who learns or leaves
Against the being across a few or many
Can be the attitude, habits and disposition forms
Through his lows or highs.

Seeds of actions to behold
Is the being formed as foretold
As described with one and thus become many
Is such the fruit of their plenitude
Across the view overt or covert
Is the struggle turned battle of who’s first!


This is what it means to Stand Out!