Sold to Depression

I wait painfully under the scorching sun,
To wait the arrival of my lost son
Whom loves to behold me before his mum,
But plays with her when I’m gone;
For unknown to me I was dreaming
To be awoken by the dreadful sun.

Yet I wondered if I thought right
To found a home admist my rights,
Never to feel for yonder growth,
All of Nature’s track to bear.
Alas my fears was yet to quell,
My problems fuelled harshly appeared.

Oh why is my plight ever in my sight.
Without its plan never bearing fruit
Deeper and deeper its pains arise,
Making it seem a madman in .a fight,
Prayers lift its curse with little might,
Strengthening my work with heavy frights.

This is why friends hardly come by,
Because I hardly mix and share with bitter tears.
The tales of what makes me break,
Or is it the rewards that never came.
All is what I hide so deep,
My life heaved with Pessimistic peak.

Though all is work that makes one dull,
I venture to change with all becomes sore,
This life of mine hardly wears a smile;
When I tried to keep focused to make a dime
Yet the time to chime never bought a tale
In this world’ frustrating games.

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