Silent Restorer

Fresh air breathing through my nostrils,
Such delights tingles my bloodstream.
Should I leave it for greater Stress? Never!
Or should I pray for a longer period of this moment,
Oh With Pleasure, even if it comes with a price!

The pleasant feeling you get when Heaven visits you,
Cheating Nature, Time and any man-made alerts;
Sweeping you in awesome wonder while in surrender;
A Heaven encountered feeling like God paying you a visit,
Indescribable in all effects: Feelings, Tales and .Mind.

The unwelcome distress that floods in,
Or is it the moods of anyone around you so easily burst out;
These too as well as the errors evolved and profits denied.,
Stumbling and ravages the gently distressed heart
Can’t be substituted for the spirit of this presence.

Like a prayer untimely said,
Or a song that’s heartily sung,
The conversation just begun or was perceived ended:
Flushes the body of its old wounds
By answering its prayers of countless virtues.

A Publication of Onyeador Anthony for Uniquely Mustered