Never did I imagine as I take an inventory of my life, That Life has made me crooked with many twists and turns. Whenever I slide through the pages of my childhood pictures I see someone who loves to make room for everyone Such I thought would be my lot in my upcoming growth, For such is dashed behind the limelight all that makes it work.   Yet who knew I could end up this way, As I shoulder the wake of every lost dream, If only I build myself a never-ending realm; Or forge ahead with an indescribable but motivating beam, All experiences, encounters and challenges grown like a must Is what my life to behold has come to entrust.   Appreciation to all those known and unknown, seen, yet to be seen and unseen who has formed and shaped me.     Never again would I doubt myself or even discard the innermost thought Be it Conscience or hunch let alone a path I have thrust to entrust, The results thrown far in a mirage light, to begin lies thorns so numerous to count; It may begin with deception but its still the first bite of determination; Whatever or however it can be its a journey for motivation’s boost to decrypt.   Thus its my life shared in little words, for to tell it to you may be encyclopedic enough, I have come to accept whatever fate faith wants to reveal as it permeates whoever chose to unveil it, For it surely takes two to make it happen, The first is me but unknown is the other who comes forth.