Reflects of Ash Wednesday

As today rolls by, one accesses his/her maker by having the ash put on the forehead as a reminder that one was created by the maker through the product of dust and the end of this being will once again become dust after his/her last breath on earth. Various rituals or preparations are made by one so as to let off some loads of burdens or challenges and take on new or fresh avenues of good standards. It is like a market where one sell off old products for a new products for 40days. Or a showroom, where a shelf of old wares are put for sale or for refurbished section for new intake or new arrival shelf. This showroom is like a transfer window for old wares maybe a new arrival for another person.

Nevertheless, to engage in this Lenten observance irrespective of backgrounds, class, or religious sects make one begin a journey of what may be a Belief system that’s meant to run through the year till the next Ash Wednesday and thus this 40days is but a “market” or. “Showroom” under the category of Almsgiving and Fasting.

So what does One do or go about the Lenten Observance? The replies are outstanding. One scrolls through the past to make amends, develop strategy to forgive; reminisce over good deeds and work that would be rolled over to the present or useful for the future; visit old friends and make up. These are those who checklist the past.
For the Present: the courage to meet the person one’s hurt or has mutilated or destroyed. the being’s image or goods; Practice the gifts of True Almsgiving; Fast on a particular habit that poses a harmful threat or injures the person’s image; change certain patterns of prayers; reevaluate certain practices of the being either to replace or remove or increase.
As for the Future, One also looks at develop processes, attitudes, theories and teaching of the social agents around him/her. Social Agents such as; Family, Church, Society, Peers, Schools and Media.

For one undergoing this day till the end of Easter Saturday, one goes to Mass or to church, receive ashes and attend several retreats, programs set up by the Church and the above practices highlighted. While for one, who hardly goes through this act ends up in a debated dialogue or investigates its importance as this person links its role with the self and the Creator.

To all those going through the Lenten Observance, I wish you good and healthy Lent to yourself and to those who marvel at the result or outcomes.

Young Juny blog