Ode to The Unknown Man

I trek on the street alone With people walking together to places known
Chattering, Bickering and Screaming of different moods
Shared as they pass each other by with sparks emotions sparse
Which one cannot tell the difference between scenes of a Market place from a Cinema’s Still they carry on so indifferently about their Businesses.

Yet there is this person whom from no where walks through their midst.
With a History Hardly traced or reckoned by History.
In Silence he arrived Mother Earth,
And wishes to depart the world in a more quiet exist.

He arrives to struggle through like this people in the Street,
Making Waves which has become fame but as quiet as the wind,
Despite the jubilations and applause he earns but unnoticed,
And those who cheer him for his strides which is scarcely heard;

Still he is jeered by those who hardly knew him,
He does not care less.
A new record is broken and its his for keeps.
You dare to try but end up begging to care,
This the thought for those who tried to give a fight.
But for the few who began this feat, they scarcely share.

Thus a lesson learnt for so obstinate a Street
Endeared in their Indifferent behaviour or gestures,
Whether Wealthy, Middle, or Poor the class may be,
All shall acclaim as they render their praise to this Unknown Man.