Love Rekindled By You and I

How pounding my heart goes
Its Rounds and rounds of endless flows
Either as thoughts or words it loudly shows
Leaving me Neither gesture or Either an action known
As one controlled like a remote without batteries
Is the way I stoop for you in speechless admiration.

Who can hold me bound against my way
As I fight with all my strength to hold my sway
Yet I feel so gay as his body makes me say:
“May you make me touch the heavens through your body
That I may be reborn like a babe caressed in beaming smiles”
Like a dream I wish to be never to be awoken, such my fantasy in daydreams.

Oh how I wish I can be set free from this prison
As I am entrapped by his passionate love
Who wants to tap his lofty words
That makes me yearn without permission his soft but warm lips.

Please my dear love come before I go haywire
As the current of your love has gone viral
The words expressed from me has captured others
As they search to know this intoxicating fellow
Hurry before I lose you to another
For I am truly shutdown till you return.

For I wet my bed in tears as though it became a waterbed
And my eyes have gone sore as one witnesses an eyesore
Save me from your pain as my body awaits you in disdain
For I have cracked my brain in search for you in endless vain
Yet I pray each day for you to reign that through you I regain
And without bargain my love will win you to me again.

For I know you wish to return
This distance that has become an unwelcomed guest
Like a request which began like a quest
Did you profess and engrave in your chest
I whom like a queen above other conquest
Has deemed to be the angel you redeem.

So You and I shall always remain
the longest lived Bonny and Clyde
though in toast we shall be two hearts in One
We prove to be history’s Cupid’s Giant
Who in Distance and or for Instance
Preached love both far and near.