Known to be Known

There are screams and hails of being Popular,
But don’t how to bring it to limelight.
Thoughts from mind and heart flooding in
Making it ever difficult to sift.
Which is the sole or multi-central theme to be,
That will display the successes wrought.

Heaved along traffics of discussions,
As it crosses across words of people,
Who wishes it should be done like this or like that;
But refuses to share from their own experience.
Still I’m left indifferent and ever confused as ever,
To gather the responses matched with their actions.

Wait a minute how dare they put up a fight,
Of doing better if given the chance.
It was my thought which will wear their actions,
And would leave me without recognition;
Quickly I switched to silence,
For I’m better than they, was my impulse.

I needed insight to how to win the world’s sight,
Though its trapped by friends who wish to try;
To beat my imagination to gain heights.
Of Accolades and Hindsight,
Never shall it happen whispers my mind set:
‘You’ll pull through whatever it costs’.

And so it is a vision so real,
To reach the top before anyone could.
The Lauds, Appraise, Hails and Applause;
Its done, Nature has made me strong.
But in dismay I see with a frustrating perception,
There’s more to beat to remain on top.