Jumping Through

I wondered what makes me a person of approval
Even though all seems not to be behind my appraisal
For I have learnt to live by without Praise or Slanders
And the Success wrought accidentally pinned to my Profile
Nevertheless, I move about like a Champion
With my being bruised or with my head high I am strong with my being


“Nail the fool, who doesn’t have respect for anyone”;
“Let’s test his patience and see if he would give in”
“Entice all who he rubs shoulders with, defame his integrity at all costs”
Is all they scheme throughout the season as its become their daily task
Yet one is unflinching from them all for the hard-work and rewards is its path
Two different routes enthralled, One in perpetual peace and the other in unending revolt.


Still it seems the empty but over-sized nature of detractors and enemies
Across the bleak but quiet doses of truth forever present in whoever striving in perfection
Meets across the lines and lives of the World whom never care to see or perceives
That Good weather naked rather unseen cannot be absolved even if there’s the latest lie
Seen as an immovable God whom never bate an eye in its midst of its celebrated Presence
Is the battle between one with Good against the cohorts of evil friends premonitory by who is jumping through.