Its but a Mistake

You’ve bought a Land and have begun to build. Nothing was said to you till you were done. Then the travails of authentication begins with Certificate of Occupancy. And sooner than that a Tractor appears. With a quick notice he pulls down the house. Which lasted for two days of as this coincides with the day the family moves in. Thrown in Confusion and being numb you trace the agent whom got you the land. A fresh case begins starring you, the agent, the police and the real owner. In all the Struggle you discovered, he’s just making business as he tries to cheat the owner. Wife and Children seems to accept Daddy is the cheat. Oh Father please mourn the pain and start all over again but with patience to deal with things like this with a Pinch of Salt.

Wedding Day is here with Joyful tidings. Both Families prepare with sleepless night a colourful wedding endeared with lots of good memories. Off these come to church as well as Bride and Groom. All is set for the Groom to come to Church only to knock down a young child who never saw him coming. He forgot this is his day to cater for the Child as he rushes him to the Hospital as well with his mother. Still after all was done he was stopped by the angry mob who thought he was at fault but he pleaded for pardon nonetheless. He was set free seeing his innocence as he hurriedly came to marry his bosom friend. In astonishment, he finds an empty church. The Church was done waiting and the wedding cancelled. But all this he put aside except to make a second trip to the Hospital. His bosom friend waiting anxiously is now in coma of which he hardly knew if she’ll make it. She happens to be the only daughter in the family of nine. Now he has to add how to convince them all.
What a deep mess this is, lots of energies to explain as well as moods to display. A mistake of an Accident of that can’t be easily proven. Have faith for the Holy Spirit will save you from this one. If he’s to handle alone, he’ll lose everything and everyone.

Mistakes like this are bound to happen. It does strengthens the visions of placing our Priorities. Though inevitable it may still come. Either as temptations, Encounters and whatever its called. Whether prepared or not, it placed on you. Just to undergo healing, experiences and all.
Many think it can never come or over prepared is their lot but its a rude shock for such is designed by God. Just as one can’t read God, so One can’t tell what’s next. If good comes, Celebrate but for a little while and don’t get Carried away. Lest, it may be an indescribable account according to how your tell it. Mistake does not happen to a single person frequently as it does happen to different backgrounds, class of people repeatedly. A descendant of Temptation if you may call it signalling you to review the aspect of life one’s living. As each and everyone of we human beings have gone through such an encounter. What differs is the degree and number of times we fall for it.

The remedy and a relieving solution as well as step when faced to situations like this is to put on the right to forget as you weave it with the correction of building the strength of Positivity.

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