If you must know

Lots of people are standing by waiting for what would happen next.
When others are going by doing what makes them think best,
The world is cruel with crude intentions, it is true.
But this does not mean you should support what was already there.
For the difference is when you steer yourself to be unique,
Such is the way life can console your every mood.

To peer deeply into one’s thought as an experiment assured,
Is the plan to swindle, steal or maim when there’s a chance.
Even the presumed good will not end as victorious per say;
It began with how to put you off or be ejected from the plan.
Such is the thoughts of every man though not all but some,
Who makes you a nobody of worthless or priceless being.

In your own travails there are cues to take, paths so shortened,
Like it seems it was your might or your power of being.
Yet little was the process started that it tolls a successful gait,
With all the bitter and sweet approaches take and experiences made,
The rewards of success is taken off, no more time to view how it took off.

Or Ever noticed when the. being was dim and everything seems down,
The thought of you resound in the mind for who to blame.
Tracing with past events the present fault picked for future’s dread,
With introspection and other tools varied as means of inventory.
Never a comeback of retreat to use as vehicle of relief,
Of the problems or challenges or whatever that may become the skeleton in the closet.

From all these never strolled this line of thought or foresight,
That alive or dead, wisdom will emerge the conqueror.
Be it male or female is its sex, its the system without recess.
For it was created by God who is difficult to understand,
Or man he uses as instrument used to salvage you from such mess.
Believe it or not, there’s was a known to behold or the unknown ever silent that has never ceased to behold you.