Confronting the Bull

What differentiates us is how we overcome them or succumb to them.
Yet it builds one to a healthy well-being of a unique result found in a person.
If overcome by such challenge, personalities of great but numerous outcomes is formed,
If succumbed to it, a sense of shock and esteem is thrown in a pensive recollection.

Thus risks can be described across these terms: Determination, Suffering, Temptation, Challenge.
Whichever fits the individual, potentials of varied repute is endeared and seeks awareness for dialogue.
Still, strange is it for one to dodge the test of risks, for such may have an empty history to tell;
Either such is highly pessimistic or one to is yet to begin an episode of such.
Still funnier is the number of outcomes or how many times one is to face risks,for it is no respecter of variables.

To be skewed with such is the best epitome of confronting the bull. Such are the obstacles, people and ideas that may be attached with some variances of choice that is best left for the one who is befallen by them. The more it comes to visit, the more it leaves a part of a person who is ready to face more or who is ready to dodge them. The only way is to have some faith and confront them for it may be a mirage to your path or a mountain eaitnig to be pulled down.