Building A Strong Self-Impression

A Guy whom just got a job rushed out of the living room about to catch a bus only for him to stumble on a lady whom is hardly looking where she’s passing for she was receiving an International call and was engrossed in the discussion which was short-lived as she crashes into him. Worse still, she had a bottle of a pet bottle soft drink on her. What will they tell each other after the incident? These are episodes of encounters, challenges one faces within split seconds though it varies in account. Considering on the above encounter, either of them if the presence of a well built self-impression personality can make it away with a less fuss. For the young man, the sharp return to change and take the risk of hiring a bike or car that can cover past the distance of the incident would be one of the option that would ring through his mind or is it for the lady to make a little scene of inaudible reproach even as the conversation is on and redress herself as an act of rehearsal while moving past him would rather occur in her mind. For both to stop either to apologize or to point out faults between them should never be ensued. A Self-Impression is the composition of organized series of thoughts, actions, gestures and behavior played out when a particular set of actions occurs. It varies across the sexes as it can be low, moderate or high as compared to whether negative or positive it may be. Its no fact that one wants to wear a positive self-Impression no matter how low or high for its what navigates the person towards achieving targets, goals, principles or theories of gradual affinity. To have a positive self Impression with a poor or negative self-esteem would not play out easily as it may make one behave indifferently or with double-standards. Thus with the one with a good and positive self-esteem and with a clear mind o focus to accept and perfect a healthy personality, he/she should apply it to situations that would go out of hand, or in Risk, or tough choices of priorities, theories or even contingencies that may lead to a volatile or negative end. Such would animate the reward of how strong or weak a person’s self esteem may be.