Afraid Of Thinking

There are Obituaries and People that die without counting
So too are the Numbers of the babies entering this world
If paired against each other, would the number match
Or still pondering will it equal the total number of being in my fatherland?

For also are those who broadcast their news
And many still fail to reach the ear
These too, when paired-who will out do the other
When those that report and those whom fail to are not also among the considered?


You can have the power or strength to do a thing
No matter how little or much, big or small
Should it be rightful you are accorded Praise
Or loaded with accolades of all gifts, awards and of such sorts?


You that cannot do a thing or is incapacitated
Is it a restraint or an excuse owing to deformity of a part
Did it affect the other parts that are still strong
Or this too slowed or shutdown your thinking self?

Whether caught in the extremes
Or perceived as the beneath
There is no middle between or amongst these two
To build or destroy is what you must choose


Never will the world care
Even though you are but a speck of it
You came and it was there
You will go and it will still be here.


Ponder on and the result is limitless
For your beginnings was once never there
Yet never pray for an end for it seems you are in one
Not to imagine the endless outcomes yet unfathomed.


For the World began like Void till there was God
Still he acts like one that seems not to care
But gave you the heart that cares more like him
With Life so short to grasp why you’re but dust.


On and On one can ponder on
Whether to think like God or beclouded with One’s thoughts
Again there a million things to think, say and do
Yet none of these is the reason why you God made you YOU!