A Brief Perspective of the Nigerian Psychology(Letter Mode)

It seems you’ve cracked your brain to ask God to be with you,
All the while when an opportunity is near, becomes blurred because you jumped at it.
Still seeking to be one with him but your being sees things differently,
Thus the talents in you hasn’t wrought the kind of rewards to reap.
For you feel it should be harvested with more than enough virtues of your choice.

Why then settle for in between, when God seems to have a upper hand,
And you at the other hand struggle to wish it goes your way.
Like you want to dispose God with your proposals
Rather than have him propose to what you’ve disposed.
Why seek to enjoy an immortal state in your mortal life,
Why not settle for choice after God has prioritised your life?

He’s given you Prayers to communicate with him amongst other means to reach him,
Yet you wail for the cries of your wants met.
Making God an automated device programmed for your insatiable desires
For an end will come when you’ll tire from them all and retire to him.

Dear Nigerians,
There comes a time in your life when everything you do must be knitted to a definition. To whatever you define it, be it a personal one or general inferences, it still applies to the way you live or lead your life. Nevertheless the more specific and narrow it can be deduced to, it is but a speck of its versatility both in specifics and its ever narrow broader of its application. Thus this is narrowed to an average African man or woman of Nigerian descent.

The mode of thinking as well as well as actions of man has a lot of inputs of these factors: Religion, Tradition(Culture) Background(chiefly of family,then Peers and then Education) and the Self’s output and means of reacting to the society. Theses factors comes either one or all fused together. So don’t be dismayed if you’re not African, Nigerian for the outcome of this study is by no means irrelevant or redundant to you of these variables.

So, why has man evolved in the Nigerian abode? Its to make him aware and open enough to the elements and characters that may become blind or totally insensitive to whenever a contact is initiated. This implies that despite the inconclusive discourse of this article as it may reflect to some certain degree of how it is perceived, it thus highlights the salient reasons why the nature of the “Nigerianess” is present in every citizen irrespective of location and extent of its awareness in either sexes. Therefore it. Is safe to stipulate that the average African Nigerian is:

  1. Is responsible for the nature of things happening around him, be it Deity wise,Self-inflicted or both.
  2. the psychology of him is so complex, complicated yet unique enough that like other race and culture, he would take more than some certain periods of time to arrive at.
  3. the challenges and other studies of his person is peculiar to other race of the world but cannot be compared with them.
  4. Irrespective of its growing population and number of tribes, he can choose to settle as a united bond in the country or break to create a country of its own( given that the total tribes chooses by free will to stay together as a country).
  5. The nature of all the other factors(political, social, financial, academic,etc and their likes) either depletes or accredits the worth of his person which becomes the epitome of the supremacy of the race enjoyed or suffered.

The above reasons are what defines the person and as well what results to a purposeful but insightful meaning no matter which variable is keyed or is experimented on and thus portrays the simplest nature of man as it can be seen equally from the spectrum of the unwanted but negative behavior of him or her. This is not to state that the bad light of him wasn’t studied or deliberately put off, nonetheless. However it does shows that man irrespective of his fears and weaknesses can strive to relate, communicate as well as dialogue with the other world race the beauty of his person as a gift of virtue and as well a vice that may from time to time displayed too. Finally, irrespective of the countless research of studies behind the study of man, it is but a guiding light and beam of understanding its technicalities and terminology of the entire overview of such works, projects and research, a compiled but overview of man in its smallest simplified article.

Without further ado, the category listed above shall become the theme of which Man is perceived as.

Man and Religion

According to World Records, We are the most Religious people on earth and thus implies that the country whom should be the envy of the World- ISRAEL- doesn’t measure up to our religious power. Perhaps it could be because of our level of poverty or our level of illiteracy for should this be reduced, there would be still a good religious strength that emboldens our uniqueness. Though it is subject to debate should in case we arrive. But what marvels the world and has become a niche for us is that our devotion for God is so utterly mind-blowing. Despite the fact too that there are the prominent religion of Christianity and Islam, among other religion that still exist, the freedom to practice any kind of religion is however granted to us of which their existence is of minority counts. Yet it can become the starting point of what may be a debate i.e the level of Spirituality in us. We need to be know how to convert our Religious power to a healthy Spiritual energy. For majority of our disposition and tendencies toll the Religious or spiritual mood and inferences of which may shed a better light of our African and Nigerian Pride.

Man and Culture

The most trail of thoughts that comes to mind is the countless downpour of divisions as well as challenges that is either a never-ending tale through Sentimentality to a unifying but quiet bonding of culture we share. Yes, our Culture as other culture tends to be biased or unequal in terms of rights but it does give room for Change that can become positive if wielded to yield positivism across the various customs, language, attitudes and its like as a repelling force of countless gains. At times, we forget that when we make mistakes no matter how little or much; light or heavy, or whatever comparisons attached it to, we nonetheless send a message to the World race that we are weak to understand ourselves and as well weak to raise our heads high in that culture that should flag the goods and virtues it should possess.
It doesn’t matter if we are a major or minor tribe; if we are the most profitable or penurious; or the most surviving or weakest; the most Peaceful or Violent. A tribe that embodies a culture is one for all and all for one. When shall we come to achieve this?
Also to consider is that some culture is becoming extinct and some growing grounds outside the country, to neighboring countries and then to the world. How sensitive have become to our neighboring countries of far and near? Have we become so deaf or/and blind that we refuse to share the African beauty in us or are we becoming a new African Pride that is different from theirs?
These are the questions we need to answer for we are strong enough to provide them. We are more than 160 million with over 770 local governments of which from there amount and amass geographical space and certain culture, language and customs. When shall we be unified by these numbers and thus use it as a strength to assist the neighboring countries as well as the other 48 countries of Africa? The birth of the Dynamism of Culture should send a resounding definition of oneness that celebrate with what is known as the Western Tradition and others that have sought to develop theirs as well. Our culture too should count and be known for its own source of versatility.

Man and Backgrounds

It is becoming more alarming that we have chosen to become Families to unknown classes of Factions, Political hegemony, Social Strata, Education, Poignancy Cults of indifferent sects, etc. The list is endless and infinite. Interestingly, in these Family there is/are differences and similarities from its lowest and highest affinity. Positivism and negativity comprising the die-hard, powerful, foolhardy, scapegoats and sacred cows and its own never-ending classification. Though it is never easy to mix with the pure without being stained and/or vice-versa of these people, therefore a well-structured and equal cut-down of them all should be the focus.
Again it is true to arrive at the premise of knowing which to reduce and increase to arrive at a balanced family root, but still will it suffice to say that the other sub categories put together can put this factor to a clear and distinct perspective that becomes the basics and solid foundation of such family as it becomes an ongoing practice of a seemingly adopted Culture and with the presence of God!

Man and Nature of Output and Means of Reacting to the Society

Of all the categories explained above comes the summary of which resides in the person: Man or Woman. YOU! It does entails any other qualities you possess to give this country a face-lift and better shape the citizenship of this country and to Africa.

The Man who beholds the qualities enumerated above coupled with others he knows,would bestow the richness of the citizenship qualities as the Nigerian of our time. Such has reached the apex of what the Nigerian should be and motivates others to spur and nurture. For it is this kind of qualities that makes the Westerner,perceived as the Europeans, possesses. (Few examples to recall are the country with the World Power: the United States of America, Britain, France, Italy, Germany etc among others.) We should raise and define the Power one should perceive us to acquire naturally,for we are still struggling to distance ourselves from the Under-developing cadre to the Developing list and from there to World Power thus detaching ourselves from being called the Third World. Yes, we have such dreams irrespective of these trying and struggling times we are faced in. For we have what it takes but yet stunted in the act of developing, maintaining and sustaining them. Little wonder we are called the Sleeping Giant, a Giant who feels things are done through sleep like its our only means of dreaming what’s best for this Country. Let us challenge ourselves with positive throws and impact, for the World power is what an average Nigerian goal aim to become as its new character that we shall nurture within our bones and transcend to our upcoming generation.

We are the Future and the Nigerians of Nigeria. We are the highly unique, specially created and celebrated for all lifetime in today’s present and tomorrow’s future. Thus with all these suggested perspective enrolled, we ought to come out tops and be the torch bearer for all Africans to behold and the World to extol.

This I wish for you and for myself, as my prayer and promise, fulfilled in each day and captured in the Anthem and Pledge, I strive to accomplish with my Blood and Action. Do you feel the same way too?

Concerned Citizen.

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