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Missing the Old Me!

I feel disoriented sometimes, as I reflect some years past;
Though I try to compare the new me against the former I’d grown and worn.
Tis like a disconnect of what I’ve been doing from what I had been doing,
With good results to tell perhaps I doubt if I can tell.
Yet I strive to keep myself on track and repel any odd distractions.

History shall bear me witness, I’ve grown so well so far.
How childish I was with facts in the midst of overzealous people.
If they’d known what a mischief I was they might have gone their separate ways.
But unknown to me I would be swayed and swept by a new set of ignorants.

Now I make headway, building a strong network of contacts.
I’m lost to my own crowd of indifferent scholars
Who try to twist and turn what I keep intact
Solid faith and work gone by a whisk of a hand;
Now I see why I was childish amongst serious minded people:
The world was at my command and I sought for a strange wand otherwise.

So here I’m my future self
So moody to tap into that former self
If I’d known I took myself seriously
When the world begged for my wisdom to share;
Indeed I miss that former me,
But nevertheless, I shall conquer for its motive then still empowers me.

Learning How to Read.

I sit in my room one early morning, hoping I’ll do something good for myself. But to my amazement, I went blank. I had marveled and envied my friends who talk about their umpteenth book and all about the characters and its contents in less than an hour and I just sit and watch them, lost in the way they analyze books and their authors. Worse still, they are planning to publish their book and I am their best link to make it happen. This was the moment I was ushered back to reality. I begin to gasp for breath hoping for them to loose their attention in me. Luckily for me, I was able to save myself by enlisting some good publishers that would build their interest.

Now back to my room with my empty thoughts meandering on what to do. An idea struck me: I am envious over my friends and here I am having good networks of Publishers without me striving to publish a book so as to compete with them and as well get the tingling of praise around me-if possible by these friends of mine who had emptied catalogues of books. ‘I SHALL START FROM SOMEWHERE’ was what motivated me to begin a move that I feared disastrous but gradually a rapid success.

I started with a genre of my taste-Narrative Novels- and I decided to start with Danielle Steele’s Big Girls Don’t Cry. I chose it so I can teach myself how to read. Now many of my age grades and country men hardly read. And if they do then the slope of adjusting the measurement becomes amazingly disappointing. This is where it drops to few people reading constantly and from those reading constantly to those reading rapidly to a fewer people reading a particular genres and from there to people reading several genres and from there comes Writers… and it goes on till a tailor-sized person that befits the character and qualities of a good reader and writer. All this I learned as I began to determine my quest to finish the book- no matter how long it took me- after all it isn’t my first. But unlike my reason for reading this book, I had none and this scares me till this day.

So off I begin with Danielle Steele’s book and from this book, I discovered I had emptied a book because of my notes of every single thought and idea that struck me from the book. I used this format to understand the book as it helped me to understand any book I read(this obviously varies across genres, persons and style of person):

  • Mind of the Author- This is also known as the plot of the novel or book. Here the way the author uses gestures, dictions, mood and literary style, characters and setting is identified. It is actually my first so as to find yourself engaged in re-writing with the Author’s Mind the environmental occurrences around you. In this way, you are re-enacting the novel or book in your vicinity.
  • Prefaces, Comments by Other Writers, Epilogue or Prologue– Here the idea and intention of the author or other authors is reeled in. It emphasizes the notion of why the book is written and the credits accrued to it. This is considered if the book had been read and either of the item is deliberately jumped so as to stir a meaning for yourself or may be considered a first read before diving into the chapters of the book. Across genres, such are the Acknowledgements, Preface, Introduction, Preamble, Forward, etc. The advantage of going through them is the requirement gathered for yourself to reproduce or motivate you in the creating your own novel.
  • Reader’s Reactions and Discovery. As I earlier pointed, you reading the book would have discovered some captivating moments, grammatical words or error, mood and notes. It is essential for it helps convey a message when you read your thoughts without the book. It is more of an apparent style or mock novel that exposes all about what you learned from the book and yourself.

Now, this is just a few highlighted to motivate you in creating your own novel or book. Please feel free to add or delete the points with yours as you share your experience. This discovery is mine and I have developed it but the majority of it is within these points.

Happy Reading!

Living Your Life Your Way

I have seen many people growing up. Some in Rich, Middle class and Poor families respectively. These groups either wish they were never rich, or okay with whom they are or feel motivated to work hard so as to earn the status they want to achieve. But either way, the struggles, challenges and the weakness they discover often drag them back and slow them down from the priorities they make. It seems that their chips are down for them and they may end up pessimistic in their reactions.
People of the Rich Class seems to behave like ones led to a slaugherhouse. Their Way of Life as its generally seen is the “easy-getters” but some are not easy going. One would not blame them as to why they turn out with such an incredible or greedy kind of behaviour because if you are found in the same lifestyle they live on, you can end up doing worse or more indescribing then they. Yet, there are people: child, youths, adults whom have explored the paradise of their wealth and yet it deemed fit for them to dissociate themselves from their ‘kingdom’ to begin a life of their own. Whenever you check the background of where they come from it is obvious that one of the parent was either a middle class earner or poor before they made fortune. It is not likely it pertains to only a group or lifestyle of backgrounds too. However, such people who have chosen this way, will still end up glued to their kingdom but with a difference that would not match with their kinds of backgrounds- The Humility of Service.

For the Middle Class group of family, they tend to be the hot and cold mixture of all backgrounds. The Kinds of persons with this background are either melancholic to life or are the silent achievers- only if they have the opportunities of developing the richness of their goal in a secured healthy environment. It is from this sect of family that a mixture of good achievers in bad activities or Bad People working in good organisations is seen. Their traits are very hard to seperate from the things they do. This is seen as Society Neutralizers: Both Good and Bad Characters, displayed by the individual. This kind of individuals are pessismistic or indifferent to situations around them and as such they live their lives as such. It is also very diffiicult to assume the average of those who may outlive this kind of behaviour or has grown deep into it.