To give life uptight with some punch,
Never letting go though struck so badly
Lots of pains, toils and miseries;
But out of no where an aided victory
A successful feat to crown the efforts.

Yes it seemed dim when it was begun
A cold feet cast as much as procrastination;
Day by day saw the energy put in
To uplift the spirit and sweat like drooping water
Now it seemed the finished line is gone past
As the starting line is vanished in a trance.

Or is it the wasted effort that was never crowned
Or the cheated glory wearing a heavy frown
The nudge to keep on and move ahead
Was replaced by fresher determination of keeping still;
No, a wrongly seeded path was what was known to be discovered.

Alas my soul can rejoice beyond found words
For one has arrived though the path can be repeated;
The resurfacing of Success is neatly woven
As suffering is paved along with it.
Never again shall enemies mock with Pride
For the success of man becomes the ever shining Light.