Gentle as I slip into my rein
Different Shouts of Howls and Hail,
Distort the reflects I beheld
Only to be Whisked back to the place of the Estranged Crowd.

As it happened in Split of Time,
The Covering of the Earth Scattered around
The Quake of the Mountains chanting in Rhymes,
The Fall of Buildings, the Bridges twisting in loud Sounds;

Now I see why I fail to ponder
The Reflects I chose in time to wonder,
As I see the wails of them made me Shudder
Why the Earth should bid its Final Goodbye.

Or So I see in the Movies I marveled,
The Groans of those entrapped in these Mess,
For the Sea too that was so deep is now Dried up
And all within it wrestle to survive.

So it is for those I see,
For I knew neither to Say or Pray with them,
‘Be Calm, All is Well’ or ‘Lord, Your Kingdom Come’.
Would they join with the Animals as they Cry to their Maker.

Ode to The Unknown Man

I trek on the street alone With people walking together to places known
Chattering, Bickering and Screaming of different moods
Shared as they pass each other by with sparks emotions sparse
Which one cannot tell the difference between scenes of a Market place from a Cinema’s Still they carry on so indifferently about their Businesses.

Yet there is this person whom from no where walks through their midst.
With a History Hardly traced or reckoned by History.
In Silence he arrived Mother Earth,
And wishes to depart the world in a more quiet exist.

He arrives to struggle through like this people in the Street,
Making Waves which has become fame but as quiet as the wind,
Despite the jubilations and applause he earns but unnoticed,
And those who cheer him for his strides which is scarcely heard;

Still he is jeered by those who hardly knew him,
He does not care less.
A new record is broken and its his for keeps.
You dare to try but end up begging to care,
This the thought for those who tried to give a fight.
But for the few who began this feat, they scarcely share.

Thus a lesson learnt for so obstinate a Street
Endeared in their Indifferent behaviour or gestures,
Whether Wealthy, Middle, or Poor the class may be,
All shall acclaim as they render their praise to this Unknown Man.

Building A Strong Self-Impression

A Guy whom just got a job rushed out of the living room about to catch a bus only for him to stumble on a lady whom is hardly looking where she’s passing for she was receiving an International call and was engrossed in the discussion which was short-lived as she crashes into him. Worse still, she had a bottle of a pet bottle soft drink on her. What will they tell each other after the incident? These are episodes of encounters, challenges one faces within split seconds though it varies in account. Considering on the above encounter, either of them if the presence of a well built self-impression personality can make it away with a less fuss. For the young man, the sharp return to change and take the risk of hiring a bike or car that can cover past the distance of the incident would be one of the option that would ring through his mind or is it for the lady to make a little scene of inaudible reproach even as the conversation is on and redress herself as an act of rehearsal while moving past him would rather occur in her mind. For both to stop either to apologize or to point out faults between them should never be ensued. A Self-Impression is the composition of organized series of thoughts, actions, gestures and behavior played out when a particular set of actions occurs. It varies across the sexes as it can be low, moderate or high as compared to whether negative or positive it may be. Its no fact that one wants to wear a positive self-Impression no matter how low or high for its what navigates the person towards achieving targets, goals, principles or theories of gradual affinity. To have a positive self Impression with a poor or negative self-esteem would not play out easily as it may make one behave indifferently or with double-standards. Thus with the one with a good and positive self-esteem and with a clear mind o focus to accept and perfect a healthy personality, he/she should apply it to situations that would go out of hand, or in Risk, or tough choices of priorities, theories or even contingencies that may lead to a volatile or negative end. Such would animate the reward of how strong or weak a person’s self esteem may be.

Revisiting Old Attitudes

There are times one feels to retract to the former attitudes that is now queer and makes living difficult to the person let alone with others. It does happen in life and this also constitute to the minutes of “MADNESS” displayed of which it varies in length of time amongst individuals. Such attitudes can bring productive and counter productive results.

To reactions as to which personality to drop or how to re-assert the self, or to improve some new attitudinal techniques and lifestyles, would be among the reasons as to why one’s old attitudes could be visited. This attitude however can be moderated if the person is aware of that such is meant to be short-lived, of its effects and to whom these attitudes is experimented on. Yet another way of observing Old attitudes is its extent to which organisms around the person present dispositions that would initiate. This however, if the individual infer the reactions to the organisms quickly and as well as read certain situations where such persons can help introduce the old attitudes as a way of cleansing or remodeling the persons new self traits.

To have it counter productive, is to have certain shake of the old attitudes with that of the new traits that is formed such as to have a strange affinity of remodeling the old attitudes as the new proclaimed traits and lifestyle, or to remain stiff and static and have new attitudes interact with old attitudes. Yet another reason is to have difficulty in undergoing change and thus have old attitudes to high affinity that special help like remanding the person to health care or receive medications or to refer such person to a Rehabilitation or Psychiatric Home.

Thus for one to have an old attitude is when the person is aware that such traits cannot help in the development of the person, or the person is aware the consequences or damage of such traits before arriving at the conclusion to be done with such attitudes. Old attitudes could be of Positive and Negative traits as it depends on how the person wishes to change.

The Rewards of Self-Worth

Have you ever felt you’re alone in your talents after searching and screening across people and their personality just to find a few. And from these few, none have an idea of the little span of intelligence you’ve acquired. You seem to draw these few to a forum so as to run your course only for them to have fallen away some few distance away from the take off line. What would You do when this scenario hit you?
This is the end line of a good number of people whom take the risk to complete the race and be in charge from those who fear to make a move but rather ask the comrades to complete the race. To these set of individuals, the level of Self-Worth differs and to have the former is more preferable and fun as well as healthy than the latter.

To have Self-Worth which could also be self-Actualization is on of the high priority trait a human. being should get. For with it comes unparalleled strength of positive and healthy mind network and body control over unknown pressures, threats and odd impulses. Its a high price for its a continuous task or renewing methods, dispositions and principles across the body physiology. To keep away from it, is like a fluctuating current whereby you and the processes that maintains your value is at war with each other. Whenever one reaches this state, a mind examination is considered so as to reassert your priorities and inherent traits.

Though it varies across different individuals, one can step up the affinity and need to strengthen the importance of Self-worth. This can be the amount of energy used to prune talents, through selection of friends, ability to maintain flexible values that are primary and rated tops by the inferred. Others can be, perceptual acuity in determining stable choices, mind development, backgrounds of any category and selection etc. What to consider here is to always entertain positive mind and behavior system and block out negative traits and traffic of thoughts or having a good control package for it.

This also varies across the sexes for a balanced relationship and friendliness of either sex determines the standard and rewards of it. That is, if both sexes have a considerable degree of self-worth amongst themselves, then the result is that. Both may become best of friends or partners if married whom would be able to resist tides and pressures. Better still as consolation should either of them is heavily invested in it!

Thus in order to have a balanced self-worth, these traits must or should be little or eminently present: Esteem, exposure, Experience, empathy, temperament, psycho-motor skills amongst other traits.
Do not confuse this for a talent for self-worth like others are animated item that gives color and beauty to one’s personality. To develop it is easy but must be maintained constantly.

So which self-worth do you’ve and how does it help give shape to the person you desire? Such should be the drive for one’s journey to being a perfect man!

Young Juny blog

Reflects of Ash Wednesday

As today rolls by, one accesses his/her maker by having the ash put on the forehead as a reminder that one was created by the maker through the product of dust and the end of this being will once again become dust after his/her last breath on earth. Various rituals or preparations are made by one so as to let off some loads of burdens or challenges and take on new or fresh avenues of good standards. It is like a market where one sell off old products for a new products for 40days. Or a showroom, where a shelf of old wares are put for sale or for refurbished section for new intake or new arrival shelf. This showroom is like a transfer window for old wares maybe a new arrival for another person.

Nevertheless, to engage in this Lenten observance irrespective of backgrounds, class, or religious sects make one begin a journey of what may be a Belief system that’s meant to run through the year till the next Ash Wednesday and thus this 40days is but a “market” or. “Showroom” under the category of Almsgiving and Fasting.

So what does One do or go about the Lenten Observance? The replies are outstanding. One scrolls through the past to make amends, develop strategy to forgive; reminisce over good deeds and work that would be rolled over to the present or useful for the future; visit old friends and make up. These are those who checklist the past.
For the Present: the courage to meet the person one’s hurt or has mutilated or destroyed. the being’s image or goods; Practice the gifts of True Almsgiving; Fast on a particular habit that poses a harmful threat or injures the person’s image; change certain patterns of prayers; reevaluate certain practices of the being either to replace or remove or increase.
As for the Future, One also looks at develop processes, attitudes, theories and teaching of the social agents around him/her. Social Agents such as; Family, Church, Society, Peers, Schools and Media.

For one undergoing this day till the end of Easter Saturday, one goes to Mass or to church, receive ashes and attend several retreats, programs set up by the Church and the above practices highlighted. While for one, who hardly goes through this act ends up in a debated dialogue or investigates its importance as this person links its role with the self and the Creator.

To all those going through the Lenten Observance, I wish you good and healthy Lent to yourself and to those who marvel at the result or outcomes.

Young Juny blog

Living In The Right Attitude

There are lots of people living with different baggage of emotions that makes it difficult for them to focus on their basic principles and goals. These people feel things don’t come their way not knowing they’re being crushed to some unknown or burdensome worries and norms.

To be able to understand the self better, one needs to know various broad steps and values or methods by which is undertaken to build his/herself. These steps is put in one word but six powerful letters:  CHANGE. To change one can go from known to unknown; positive to negative; and vice-versa. This cuts across all ages, all fields of discipline and through the sexes. It does not escape anyone. Change is what one uses to add or remove certain traits in life. But How?

In one’s Life, the choice of what to be and how to develop to befit a certain degree of self-worth or self-actualisation plays a key role in the evaluation of various processes of methods and principles used of which the other person perceives to follow or reject. The ways by which to go about them either makes or mar the person but nevertheless creates a room to increase its affinity of such processes or methods or reduce or eliminate them. Yet the broad steps by which one can go about compiling them ends up to a term called Attitude. Thus the person is a being by the set of attitudes developed by this person. This attitude can be positive or negative, to strive for perfection, the positive set of attitudes is key to healthy living. Now there are various compositions of developing a Right and Positive attitude, as well as it is broad. For this categories can help measure oneself in attaining or forming a Right set of Attitudes.


  • Self-Esteem
  • Cheerfulness
  • Sporty
  • Stress-free
  • Free-Spirited
  • Steadfastness
  • Charisma

This comprises traits like: Self-Worth, Affinity of self-actualisation, Perception accuracy, brilliance, etc.; level of awareness and reasoning. With these, one can be comfortable in the way he or she carries itself. This is one of the most important factor for it summarizes the way one thinks and works and a good built but positive one no matter how few the efforts made goes a long way in understanding the environment where one’s found.

This has amongst its likes: Happiness, Laughter, Ability to Forgive and Forget, etc. With these traits, the sensual perception of one is sharpened and can be able to develop healthy theories of the self and infer a sound principles in things and around people.

The traits that qualify sporty are: Energetic, Flexibility attained from exercising and engaging in a particular sport or in series of sports, a good sense of hyperactive strength. These helps one to tackle stressful, tedious and tough tasks as well as control the flow of pressure otherwise known as Multi-tasking.

For one to be a free sprit being, such a person is highly independent and responsible. This means that such a person can take risks and assume any position or carry out works equal to an entrepreneur or a Director of a top grade level company. Being this gives one the absolute freedom to try as many as he or she can, various tasks, principles and theories as well as risks whether healthy or dangerous.

Traits of Steadfastness are: Firmness, Ability to Stick to One’s ground, Staunchness, Rigid amongst its likes. One who is with this kind of attitude often confuses it with some negative traits such as chauvinism, narcissism, egoism, power etc. which should not be so let alone be replaced with the above good traits. With steadfastness, it aides the free-spirit attitude to have a clear head and good ending towards certain goals while it assists the Sporty attitude to navigate and select healthy priorities.

This positions one’s mystical and spiritual being for it centres on Devotion, Faith, Religious, Philosophical in cognition, etc. This makes one access certain mystical processes and development as a connection to the Divine. It is either one Superstitious, monotheistic, polytheistic or an atheist. But from it, one is a medium created to access through another medium to its Maker.

In essence, one is sure to have a right living if any or all of these components are put together to develop his or her person. Whatever it is makes it modern or archaic; good or bad; much or little but with two contrasts, one needs to add one and another to make and live rightly for an attitude.