Many a times it shocks me to see people blaming the devil for their downfalls and failures rather than themselves, And I wonder who created the Devil if not God. Freethinkers often try to detach GOD from their successes by requesting to keep him out of the picture.

What beats my imagination is the conclusive resolve of the idea of Who is the be-all and End-all between God and the Devil? A quick reminder is the non debatable fact that God created the devil and does with him as he pleases(The Bible and Good Referral Sources can attest to this, a defense I reluctantly wish to insert). Yet if the Devi is the key obstacle to one’s downfall, why is it difficult for one to approach God easily or to escape from the attacks of the Devil? For some good number of people who worship the Devil thereby making him the center of worship, why then is it hard to worship or acknowledge the Creator of the Devil owing to the assumption that the Devil isn’t a self-created God? Another that cannot or maybe hard to dismiss, is who the Devil worships- Himself or God?

The Devil from its name literally, D-Evil, is a spirit of Adversary. It is he who counters anything good. Thus it isn’t fair for human beings to hang in the balance of accepting God or the Devil, as long as God created both Good and Evil of which man is now caught up in the middle of (which it wasn’t the plan, really?) God or the Devil.Ths man needs to struggle hard to get through these two forces anyhow. The friction of these two forces, like a magnetic field, is what widens or restricts the struggle that befalls him. For instance, How Happy or Sad is one in the Godly(Good) or Devilish(Evil) terms built and discovered by Man? Such becomes broad to an infinitely discovered results of which he or she is either termed as Good or Evil or Both.

Using my personal development and best of knowledge, I see God as an incomparable match to anything he created especially to man, be he/she an atheist, theist, philosopher or freethinker, whoever there is that wants to distance the existence or the Godliness of God. Strange is the mystery to why such a person- even the devil- still exist and freely goes about accomplishing their aim. God exist and cannot be a topic of debate whether you accept it or not!

God exist but I am still finding it hard to accept the reality of the Devil. I know the Devil is real but not in a degree of reality I want to accept. I too undergo struggles of how Godly or Evil I can be. And such is the measure of dialogue, meeting or interaction for what I am you are as well. And it is by such encounter struck that the mystery is communicated, exchanged or whatever that one could ascribe/describe it. Most times, I try to access if you may have gone beyond, at the same standpoint, below it or never attempted what I have created for myself. It is steep deep in my language, dressing, thinking, deity, philosophy, psychology, etc.This is my world of the God-Devil theory, bestowed in one Word: Choice.

Yet, it has devised a way for me to help any who may want to experience this for themselves. This could be anything for you. One who decides to replicate it for him/herself; Or one who takes it in the plural form; Or all of these methods and beyond or perhaps less. Such ways mapped out for whoever concerned are thus:

Building a System to view the World. For the multiplicity of the traits in you and I are infinitely heightened beyond our imagination that such becomes a template to the norms of life.

Ever-constant Change. This anyone undergoes but only if perceived from the self alone. This cuts across challenges, variables that defines the uniqueness of such a person and above all, coming to terms with such discovery of personality before taking bold steps to engineer what to change.

GODOLOGY This is my definition behind the awareness and ever constant involvement and agreement with God irrespective of his silence or your unending search of knowing oneself. As long as you agree that you and he agree in everything- things you know or not- to things he thinks he knows or not, the mystery of the history or GOD in you would be best realized and activated. This is by no means the same as theology.

Now you know how I do things of which it would take me eternity or the remainder of my life to figure out, this is the much I know about myself. How about You?

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